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Memorizes things for you

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Permission to forget.

Some things are critical, other are secondary.

But we are prone to forget them, no matter how important they are.

Memlapse keeps everything easy to forget in the same place: passwords, personal and financial identity, contact information. Even trivial notes.

Memlapse stores personal information.

Best security. Only when needed.

Data is encrypted using one of the most secure algorithms, and you are the only one to own the key.

But some things don’t need password protection, they just have to be quickly available.

Memlapse lets you choose what to lock in the vault and what to leave handy.

Memlapse app keeps personal information in a secure place.

Copy and paste passwords? Not anymore.

Memlase has a built-in Web browser which automatically fills in your username and password when the authentication is required.

Memlapse app integrates a build-in Web browser.

Your data on all devices.

Memlapse uses iCloud technology to sync data between your iPhone and iPad.

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