• Wallpaper Designer
    Wallpaper Designer

    Have you ever wondered how to make your iPhone home screen look amazing? Use this little app to handcraft your own wallpapers just as you like them!

    Create unique skins for your device display in only three quick steps: pick the background, apply the visual effect and customize the appearance if you want to. We can assure you that nobody will have the same wallpaper!

    You need more? Each update comes with his new set of special features and high quality images and effects!

    Not convinced yet? Watch the video demo and see for yourself!
  • Smart Maps
    Smart Maps

    Never get lost again when you visit some of the greatest cities in the world! Smart Maps will always show your way, even without GPS or Internet connection!

    Features include high quality street level map for extended city area*, GPS tracking for iPhone users, offline search and suggestion lists, points of interest (POI), bookmarks and many more…

    You plan to travel soon and need a pocket guide for the city jungle? Find the Smart Map for your destination!

    *Unlike other offline maps, Smart Maps covers a very large city area. We recommend using iTunes or a reliable WiFi connection when installing, due to the large app’s size.
  • Picashare

    If you like taking pictures with your iPhone and sharing them with your friends, Picashare is exactly what you need.

    Select the photos from your local albums or take pictures with the device camera, and upload them all to your Picasa account.

    Share the public Web Albums with everybody, or limit the access to your albums by changing the visibility setting.

    Load the photos from you Picasa albums into the app’s cache and view them offline.

    The uploaded pictures can be shared with your circles of friends on Google+*.

    *Picashare doesn’t interact directly with Google+. To share the pictures uploaded using Picashare with your Circles, you must use the Google+ app.
  • Profilepix

    When you get a call from a friend, would you like too see his picture?

    Profilepix finds the Google profiles of your contacts and lets you synchronize their picture or avatar with the device address book.

    It looks up the photos in your Gmail network and also in Google+ user base to improve the chances of finding the online profile of each one of your contacts.